What shipping methods are available?

We ship via EMS, the fastest method available.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. As always, shipping is included in the price of each item.

How long will it take to get my package?

Lead time from placing your order (or confirming measurements for those that choose MTM) to shipping date is about 2-4 weeks. Shipping time varies depending on your country's postal service, but we've experienced most shipping takes a week at most.


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


How do I place an order?

  • First head over to the shop, choose an item and any options you'd like. If you're interested in purchasing a stock size, then it's as simple as any other webstore.
  • Add to cart, enter payment information, and place your order. If you are interested in the made-to-measure option, then you'd follow all the same steps, but after you've placed the order, we will contact you to confirm your measurements.
  • Once your order is placed, there is about a 2-4 week wait while we make the jacket. Once it's completed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number.

How can I cancel or change my order?

There is a very brief window to cancel your order after you've placed it. Usually about 12 hours. However, after that, we do not accept cancellations nor changes to the order.

Can I expedite an order?

Sorry, but we cannot offer expedited orders because it would mean that other orders get pushed back in line.

Do you offer women’s sizing?

Yes – however, for women’s sizing, the garment must be Made-to-Measure.


How does the made-to-measure option work?

While you are configuring your jacket, you'll want to select 'Made To Measure' for sizing. Input all measurements. Once you go through the checkout process, we will contact you within 24 hours of the completion of the purchase to help you with the measurements for the garment. We will give you our best opinion of sizing, but it is ultimately up to you to confirm your measurements and take responsibility for the measurements you've confirmed.

Do you have a measuring guide?

Yes, you can view the Measuring Guide here.


What are the difference between the hides?

  • Lambskin - The softest and most plush out of all the leathers.
  • Calfskin - The heaviest and stiffest out of the all leathers. Still retains a smooth and soft hand.
  • Goatskin - About as heavy as the calfskin but not nearly as stiff - stiffness is somewhere between the calfskin and lambskin. Slightly pebbled grain but still retains a relatively smooth and soft hand.
  • Lamb Suede - Extremely soft, light, and delicate. Has a very luxurious feeling.
  • Calf Suede - Heavy and pretty stiff. Harder wearing than lamb suede. Very durable for a suede.

What is the difference between one-way and two-way zippers?

  • A one-way zipper is a standard zipper that starts from the bottom and zips up to close.
  • A two-way zipper consists of two pulls instead of one. This allows the top pull to zip up to close and the bottom pull to zip down to close. Gives the wearer the option to unzip a bit of the bottom portion of the jacket when sitting down or just for personal style.

What quality leather do you use?

All our leathers are of the highest quality top grain leather. They are sourced from Italy, France, New Zealand, and Korea. Each hide is hand-selected so, at the end of the day, your jacket is constructed of only the finest leather.


Do you allow for custom designs?

We are open to custom orders, so please contact us if you have any questions. Note that customizations to our designs usually come with an up-charge.


Do you offer returns for exchanges or refunds?

We do not accept returns for exchanges/refunds for any reasons except the following conditions:

If the item you ordered has a significant deviation of measurements from the measurements you ordered:
  • We will exchange the garment for the same jacket (same hide, color, and details) with the corrected measurements. We will refund cost of shipping.
If the item you ordered has different options than the options you’ve ordered:
  • We will exchange the garment in the same measurements as the original order with the corrected options. We will refund cost of shipping.
We will not accept returns/exchanges for any other reasons (dislike style, dislike color, etc)

It is important to do your due diligence, especially for sizing, when ordering.

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