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  • BCDR


    Banded-collar double rider jacket with channel quilting for understated flair.

  • Double-Breasted Coat


    Classical tailored coat with wide, overlapping front flaps with genuine horn buttons, detachable fur collar and functional cuffs.

  • MA1 Nylon


    Water and wind resistant nylon outer insulated with a 4-oz. fill and snapped pockets with a modern fit.

  • Hot



    Classic A2 flight jacket with detachable fur collar, stitched down epaulets, top and side entry pockets, and genuine horn buttons.

  • Single-Breasted Coat


    Classical tailored coat with a narrow overlap with with genuine horn buttons, leather detailing and functional cuffs.

  • M1


    An updated moto design with reinforced shoulder panel construction and available in 2-zip or 4-zip pocket configurations.

  • DR3


    The classic belted double rider with a tick pocket and an upgraded fit.  Wear the belt loose or tied, either way can’t go wrong.

  • Varsity


    A varsity jacket refined with a slim fit and high-grade materials including a melton wool body and lambskin sleeves and pocket details. Lining choices are either a 4-ounce diamond quilt or our standard Bemberg.

  • DR2


    Our minimal take on the double rider jacket with a banded hemline and cuffs. Available in a 3-zip or 4-zip pocket configurations for an understated look.

  • M2


    A minimal take on the classic moto design with a zippered neck closure and banded hem.

  • DR Shearling


    Classic double rider design in full authentic shearling. Cozy and durable enough to get you through the coldest winters without sacrificing style.

  • Hot



    One of our best-selling designs with lots of hardware – 4-front panel hip buckles, 4-zippered pockets, sleeve zippers, internal pocket zippers and snapped lapels.

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