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MA1 Nylon


Water and wind resistant nylon outer insulated with a 4-oz. fill and snapped pockets with a modern fit.

  • Hazard Orange an additional $30

    • $

    Please note that women's jackets must be MTM. View sizing chart.

    • <b>Stock Size 44</b><ul><li> Shoulders (front): 16.5 </li> <li> Chest (pit to pit): 19.2 </li> <li> Waist: 18.5 </li> <li> Body Length (front): 21.5 </li> <li> Body Length (back): 23.8 </li> <li> Sleeve Length (from shoulder): 24.0 </li> <li> Sleeve Width (pit): 6.7 </li> <li> Sleeve Width (elbow): 6.0 </li> <li> Sleeve Width (cuff): 5.1 </li></ul>
    The best way is to measure a well-fitting jacket (similar in style) and send us those measurements with a picture of you wearing the jacket (PDF Guide - Click to View.) Alternately, you can measure with a t-shirt. All measurements should be in inches, except Height and Weight. Videos of how to measure will help (Video Guide - Click to View).

    without shoes

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    step on a scale, your secret is safe with us

    • $

    from jacket (see jacket measuring guide)

    • $

    circumference of chest about 1-2 inches under armpits with arms relaxed by your side

    • $

    circumference at belly button level

    • $

    circumference where your front length measurement ends (see below)

    • $

    from the dip in your collarbone below your neck to where you’d like the front of the jacket to end

    • $

    Best done with a jacket or shirt that fits well in the shoulders and you can measure from the top of the shoulder seam down to where you would like the jacket sleeve to end on you. Alternatively, from the bony point in the shoulders to about 1-2 inches below your wrist (personal preference).

    • $

    unflexed, arms down

    • $


    Customize the look of your jacket.

    View zipper options.

    • 0 $
      Standard Option. All other options only available on black hides

    Additional zipper options available only in Black color.

    Small vertical pocket on chest.

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    • $

Water and wind resistant nylon outer insulated with a 4-oz. fill and snapped pockets with a modern fit.

2 reviews for MA1 Nylon

  1. Takeo (verified owner)

    Ordered this jacket in the red a little while back with custom measurements. Daniel emailed me to help me finalize the sizing and the fit overall and continued to help throughout the order, including with the shipping which got tricky at one point.

    The fit is perfect! The guidance from Daniel really helped me get it right before ordering. Material seems to be of good quality and jacket overall is comfy. Impressed overall with the process, experience, and final product. I’ll be ordering again very soon.

  2. Sam Tanem (verified owner)

    Got this jacket in Maroon.
    This is my second purchase from Falcon Garments (first was a DR3)
    The color is BEAUTIFUL. I really hesitated a long time as some pictures in the gallery made me think that the colors were a bit dull. Not at all! The maroon color is beautifully silky and shiny, it reflects the light perfectly.
    Materials are amazing , it really feels premium.
    And Charly is again a master at knowing what would fit best for you.

    Would totally recommend this piece!

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